OPen position: director of music & student ministries

Christian Fellowship Church is looking for a full-time, qualified man to lead two important ministries for us as described below. Please check out our website especially the preaching and the Statement of Faith/Issues of Clarification. If you feel you are a fit, please send a resume complete with references and preferably with video of your teaching and your leading in worship to:

MUsic Ministry

To worship is to ascribe “worth” to God: the glory and honor due his name. Though there are aspects to liturgy in the congregational service that are contextual, we believe there are guiding biblical principles that should take precedence. We want to honor congregational worship as described in Scripture which are represented in the points that follow. Aside from these, there is freedom to express worship to the Lord in contextually meaningful ways. 

1. Worship is to be Christ-exalting and gospel-centered (Lk. 24:27; Jn. 17:9; Col. 1:15-23; Rev. 5; Rev. 21:6).

2. While congregational worship involves various expressions, worship in music and song is basic to congregational life (Neh. 12:45-46; Ps. 66:1-4; Ps. 95:1-2; Eph. 5:19; Col. 3:16; Rev. 5:9). 

3. Congregational worship makes our Lord the primary object and subject of our singing (Dt. 5:7; Ps. 72:18; Ps. 83:18; Ps. 148:13).

4. Singing to one another is also an implication of being filled with the Holy Spirit (Eph. 5:18-19).

5. Basic to the purpose of congregational singing is to allow the word of Christ to indwell us abundantly by teaching and admonishing us (Col. 3:16)

Along with these biblical parameters, the following serve as guidelines for Christian Fellowship Church:

  1. We will sing songs that are Scriptural:

  • We will endeavor to select songs that together communicate the gospel.

  • We will avoid songs that cast our affection for Christ in a romantic way. 

  • We will be cautious of songs that are overly focused on ourselves and our feelings, while pushing for songs that point us away from ourselves to the Lord or that put ourselves in the context of the gospel.

2. We will sing songs that are Specific:

  • We will steer from songs that are too generic such that they affirm or deny very little, thus fitting with too broad or unbiblical ways of understanding God or the gospel. 

  • We will seek to choose the best songs with rich lyrics that teach and build our theology, regardless of the year in which they were written.

3. We will sing songs that are Singable:

  • We will resist the “concert” atmosphere which tends to emphasize performance. Instead we will seek to emphasize the voices of the congregation as the main instrument.

  • We will strive to select songs that are not too challenging for our inter-generational and variously talented congregants. 

4. We will sing songs that are Sweet:

  • We will be less concerned with excellence in production than excellence in sincerity and truth, but we will pursue excellence in both.

  • We will seek to also express our worship in new songs, some for a season, some perennially. And we will refresh the musical delivery of old songs where we feel it would be helpful. 

  • While style is not a matter of first concern for us, we appreciate the simplicity and richness of traditional songs while also leaning into contemporary expressions of songs both old and new.

There are no clear models in the New Testament of a “worship leader” and we affirm that a church can appropriately worship together without one. Yet we believe it is clear that God gifts certain individuals to lead congregations in participating in corporate musical worship. The worship leader serves by encouraging the congregation to sing thoughtfully, truthfully and emotionally.  

Responsibilities of Director of Music:

  • To lead the worship team in spiritual and musical preparation for the Sunday worship service. 

  • To lead the congregation in musical worship on Sunday mornings. 

  • To continue to build our repertoire of songs according to the above parameters. 

  • To manage the participation of volunteers in each service (for prayers, leading us in confession & assurance, explaining the offering, welcome & announcements, call to worship, etc). 

  • To implement the order of service each week, notifying the administrative assistant of the order for the bulletin and using PCO (or similar program) to keep all service participants informed. 

  • To be available for two special services: Christmas Eve and Good Friday (unless other arrangements are made as approved by the Senior Pastor). 

  • To be regularly available to lead in worship for venues where we desire a time of singing. These times will be limited and within reason, but the expectation is for the Director of Music to maintain a posture of wanting to help in venues outside of Sunday morning only.

Student ministry

The purpose of a student ministry is to provide an avenue for biblical discipleship to teens, ancillary and supportive to the role of parents in the home. While the concept of a student ministry is one that has been the center of controversy in recent years and can be done poorly, we also recognize that it can produce much fruit when done well. The following principles will provide biblical parameters for our student ministry. Outside of these points, we acknowledge there is freedom to minister to youth in contextually meaningful ways. 

  • Ministry to adolescents in a church should seek to centralize the role of parenting, not circumvent it (Prov. 14:26; 20:27; 22:6; Eph. 6:1-4). 

  • What adolescents need is no different than what adults need -- to respond to the gospel in faith and repentance and to learn what Christ has taught (Matt. 28:18-20; Mark 1:15; 6:12; Rom. 10:9). 

  • Believing adolescents do not comprise a separate congregation but are one with the rest of the body, albeit under the headship of their parents (Eph. 4:1-6; 1 Cor. 12:4-7). 

  • This oneness in the body does not preclude contextualized efforts toward segments of the body (1 Tim. 5:1-16; Titus 2:1-6). 

Based on these biblical parameters, we submit the following goals for student ministry at Christian Fellowship Church:

  1. We will pray for our youth to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and seek to shepherd them to that end. Therefore the gospel is the focus of our ministry to students.

  2. We will endeavor to equip students to own their faith and persevere in it into adulthood. 

  3. We will seek to enable them to fully engage in the local church.

  4. We will view parents as the primary means of discipleship for adolescents and we will look for opportunities to present the gospel to those parents who do not know Christ. 

Methodology (subject to revision upon periodic review):

  • Following the sermon-based Growth Group model:

  • CFC youth will attend Sunday service and be encouraged to take notes during the message. 

  • They will learn to study the Bible by discussing the sermon’s passage in a group.

  • In these groups they will be provided with a safe environment to doubt, ask questions, and think for themselves. 

  • They will be held accountable for living like Christ. 

  • This format will enable conversations with their parents who are learning the same Scriptures. 

  • Students will be encouraged to bring parents who do not normally attend any church. 

  • Periodically, we will have a special teaching series geared specifically for the discipleship of the students. 

  • We may hold periodic events outside of the Growth Group format to address special topics, concerns or outreach purposes. 

Responsibilities of Director of Student Ministry:

  • To lead our ministry to students according to the parameters, goals and methodology listed above. 

  • To prepare to teach the students each week either through Q&A format or preaching or some combination. 

  • To prepare for the student ministry time each week including any activities and non-teaching time portions.

  • To invest in the students personally, taking time to make contact outside of the weekly gathering time. 

  • To study and continue learning about how to minister in this capacity faithfully and effectively. 

  • Connect regularly with the parents, encouraging their role as the primary means of discipleship for their children. 

General Responsibilities for Director of Music & Student Ministries:

  • To meet with the pastor regularly for exchange and dialogue concerning ministry. 

  • To notify the pastor at least 3 weeks in advance for a planned Sunday away. 

  • To make sure responsibilities are covered for any planned time away.

  • To plug into the body life of Christian Fellowship Church through involvement in a growth group and attendance of the majority of CFC-sponsored events. 

  • To commit in good conscience to at least one full year of service to CFC. 

  • Staff at Christian Fellowship Church are considered members and, as such, this agreement assumes full affirmation of the membership covenant (attached). 

Commitment of Christian Fellowship Church:

  • To provide training and leadership for ministerial enhancement and development. 

  • To supply 3 weeks paid vacation plus one week for a retreat, conference, or similar for the purpose of edification towards the Director role. 

  • To discount or cover the Director’s attending a conference, seminar or the like.