Our History

  • October, 1973

    Pastor Dankfried Ortloff and his wife Ruth lead a German congregation from Forest Park and a German Bible study from Bensenville to combine to plant Evangelical Fellowship Chapel in Itasca, under the oversight of the Fellowship Deaconry in Liberty Corner, NJ.

  • 1975

    The first English services are held at Evangelical Fellowship Chapel, in addition to services in German. By the early 1980's, the church moved to all English services.

  • 1987

    A massive flood struck the area around the church, filling the church basement with 8 feet of water. The first bible that came floating by as the church community gathered to help fix up the church was opened to Haggai 2:1-9: "the latter glory of this house shall be greater than the former, says the Lord of hosts. And in this place I will give peace..."

  • 1992

    Evangelical Fellowship Chapel sends its first missionaries, Karl and Kathy Schulz, to Taiwan through Liberty Corner Mission, where they continue to serve today.

  • 1995

    The church decides to change its name from Evangelical Fellowship Chapel to Christian Fellowship Church. Pastor Dan had learned that many people at that time were confused about the meaning of the word Evangelical, so they chose a name to make it clear they were a Christian church.

  • 2006

    After serving as the founding Senior Pastor of Christian Fellowship Church for over 33 years, Pastor Dan Ortloff retires.

  • April 15, 2007

    Christian Fellowship Church calls Lucas O'Neill to be the next Senior Pastor. Pastor Lucas and his family have been at CFC ever since.

  • 2010

    The churches belonging to the Fellowship Deaconry in Liberty Corner, NJ, vote to dissolve this arm of the Deaconry’s ministry. CFC was now totally independent and would no longer report to the Deaconry.

  • 2013

    CFC votes to join 5Stone Churches. CFC is still independent and autonomous. FiveStone Churches is a voluntary network of churches who each believe in similar values centering on integrity, authenticity and trust in pastoral leadership.

  • October, 2023

    Christian Fellowship Church celebrates its 50th anniversary!