• April 14 - CFC Course - Applied Apologetics - 6pm
  • April 19 - Young Adult Game Night at the Soloways'
  • April 21 - CFC Course - Applied Apologetics - 6pm
  • April 28 - Members Meeting - 1pm + CFC Course - 6pm
  • May 5 - Prayer Night - 6pm
  • May 18 - Spring Cleaning
  • May 19 - CFC Course - Applied Apologetics
  • May 26 - CFC Course - Applied Apologetics
  • October 4-5 - Men's Retreat

Order of Service

April 14, 2024

Call to Worship: Psalm 104:24-35

I Sing The Mighty Power Of God

All My Boast Is In Jesus

Reading: Matthew 7:24-27

The Solid Rock


How Deep The Father's Love For Us


Sermon:  - 1 Samuel 21 "Providence and Prudence" [Lucas O'Neill]

Christ The True And Better

Prayer for Blessing


Baby Bank:  1st Saturdays, 9-11 am and 3rd Thursdays, 10am-12pm.

You can give online by scrolling up to the "give" tab on this site, or clicking

here. You can check on our Church Sign Fund Progress on our give page.

You can submit prayer requests by emailing, or filling out the form on the prayer ministry page

Pre-Service Prayer is every Sunday @ 9:30am

Growth Groups:
Tuesdays @ 7pm - Men/Women Groups

Thursdays @ 10:30am - Mixed Group
Saturdays @ 8:00am - Men/Women Groups

Monthly Prayer Night is usually the first Sunday of the month @ 6pm

Worship Spotlight


  • We sing to learn God's Word: Colossians 3:16
  • We sing to build up others: Colossians 3:16
  • We sing in obedience to God's Word: Psalm 96:1
  • We sing to proclaim the Gospel: Psalm 92:2-6
  • We sing to give glory to God: Psalm 96:7-13


Why do we preach during our service?

  • It is commanded by God: 1 Timothy 4:13
  • To explain what Scripture is saying: Nehemiah 8:8
  • God's preached Word has authority: Matthew 7:29
  • People need to hear the Gospel: Romans 10:14
  • To help apply the Word to our lives: James 1:22
  • God's Word is true and leads to sanctification: John 17:17
  • To build each up in spiritual maturity: Colossians 1:28


  • We observe communion because the Lord commanded us to
  • We remember Christ and His substitutionary death for our sins
  • We proclaim Christ's death and anticipate His return
  • We can take in an unworthy manner, so we must examine ourselves

Confession and Assurance

  • We confess our sins before a holy God and acknowledge our need for forgiveness and redemption
  • We are assured of forgiveness of sins and redemption in Christ Jesus
  • We remember the Gospel, where Christ bore our sins on the cross and took the wrath of God we deserve


We give our offering in order to demonstrate our worship of God and our love of His mission.

  • Give cheerfully (2 Corinthians 9:6)
  • If this is your first Sunday or you are not a Christian, please do not feel obligated to give
  • Offering envelopes are located in the seat pocket in front of you
  • You can give at the back of the sanctuary, online, or by mail to PO Box 123, Itasca