• Prayer Night: June 5th @ 6pm
  • Growth Groups start summer break June 5th and will resume September 11th.

Order of Service

Call to Worship: Ephesians 1:3-14 [Ben Moser]

Come Praise and Glorify

Praise Adonai

Communion [Erin Grogan]

Behold Our God

Offering [Erin Grogan]

Sermon: 1 Chronicles 15 [Ben Moser]

Strong God

Prayer for Blessing


  • Baby Bank:  1st Saturdays, 9-11 am and 3rd Thursdays, 10am-12pm.
  • You can give online by scrolling up to the "give" tab on this site. 
  • You can submit prayer requests by emailing, or filling out the form on the prayer ministry page
  • Pre-Service Prayer is every Sunday @ 9:30am
  • Growth Groups: Tuesdays @ 7pm - Men's & Women's, Thursdays @ 10:30am - Seniors, Saturdays @ 7:30am - Men's, Saturdays @ 8am - Women's

Worship Spotlight


  • We observe communion because the Lord commanded us to

  • We remember Christ and His substitutionary death for our sins

  • We proclaim Christ’s death and anticipate His return

  • We can take in an unworthy manner, so we must examine ourselves

50 Days of WEEKLY COMMUNion

For the 50 days between Easter Sunday and Pentecost Sunday, we will be celebrating the death-defeating sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus with weekly communion. Weekly communion is standard practice for many churches as they enjoy several benefits for every-Sunday observance:

  • It provides a built-in time of weekly congregational confession, prostrating our hearts before the Lord. 
  • It brings into focus our obligation toward our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, prompting us to make wrongs right, and reconcile with one another in order to take communion in good conscience.
  • Celebrating the Lord's Supper, therefore, brings a greater weight to the service, and weekly observance means every Sunday is as weighty as the previous. 
  • It relieves the Pastor/Elders of the pressure to say everything about communion but rather they can emphasize one aspect more on one Sunday and bring greater clarity to another aspect on the next. 
  • If someone is unable to attend a communion service, they don't have to wait another month to join in on this mandated privilege. 
  • Communion is designed to encourage a forward looking hope in a special way -- getting this weekly is beneficial.
  • Communion is designed to enhance congregational unity; something to which churches should lend persistent attention.

If you are a believer -- you've repented of your sin, confessed you rightly bear the weight of eternal separation from God, and placed your faith in Jesus who took that death for you and brings you into life with God -- you are welcome to partake of communion with us. We should approach this time with humility, self-examination and confession, and trust in the Lord's grace to forgive and fortify us for Christian living. Taking the bread and the cup should remind us of the complete assurance of peace with God that Christ's death and resurrection afford. And our hearts should long for Christ's return as King over all.